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Społeczeństwo informacyjne – cyberprzestrzeń

Język publikacji: polski

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Transformacje Nr 1-4 (72-75) 2012 Data publikacji: 20 października 2012r.

Artykuł Nr 20121020210437360

Streszczenie Artificialization of reality accompanies the contemporary world"s transformation. It concerns social structures, economic activity and effects, forms of political activity, interpersonal relations, communities, a professional, family and home environment, the natural environment, human reactions etc. The distinction between fiction and reality is more and more difficult to recognize. It is the consequence of promoting the principles of governing the liberal market economy by global economic actors. Neoliberal market economy and the values and attitudes associated with it (freedom, individualism, competition, mobility, flexibility, striving at all costs for (particularly material) success) affect the political sphere (economization of politics, marketization of democracy) cultural (the dominance of the commercialized consumer culture) and social (destruction of traditional social structures, disintegration, dehumanisation and commercialization of human relationships and cultural patterns). Commercialized consumer culture is accompanied with marketization and economization of all spheres of life and social relations. People are judged by perspective of consumer behavior. Traditional values are replaced by market, commercial values. Commercial consumer culture is treated as a factor strongly unifing and destroying cultural diversity. Artificialization of human life and environment has many consequences for the economy, countries, enterprises as well as people.

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